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Stoaching: A Virtual Study Hall 

Studying + Coaching = Stoaching

Stoaching is a weekly virtual study session held on Zoom. This innovative "studying + coaching" concept, trademarked by Dominique,  facilitates individual accountability, self- empowerment and group motivation.    Stoaching is a unique opportunity for students, entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives to gather in a virtual room to focus on their projects while receiving intervals of professional empowerment and coaching.


This virtual study  hall is a space designed to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who will keep each other accountable while honoring this time of sacred silence to work on individual projects in one virtual  room, that allows for speaking only during allotted coaching and empowerment breaks. 

Learn more about  Dominique as the innovator behind Stoaching by clicking this link.

Is Stoaching just for students?

No, Stoaching is for people of all ages that are aiming to complete any project that requires concentrated focus.

Stoaching is beneficial for:
​1.  Executives, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Creatives, book-writers, students, and anyone aiming to study, prepare for a meeting, and work on (or master) a project;
2.  Those who experience challenges with focusing, concentrating or finishing projects they start;
3.  Those desire to cultivate a consistent  study schedule or “creative session” by regularly showing up for themselves;
4.  Those who have challenges consistently staying motivated;
5.  Those who love group support and accountability


How does it work?

Each session is kicked off with a brief motivational coaching session to initiate an atmosphere of  focus and motivation.  After the introductory power talk, participants will mute their Zoom and get to work! During the sacred silent study session,  participants can private message the facilitator. Although optional, all participants are encouraged to leave their web cam  on,  in order to gain motivation from seeing  the rest of the  Stoaching community hard at work. Every hour, their will be a  15-minute Stoaching break  for a mini group coaching session, facilitated by a certified Life Coach.   The POWER is found both in the sacred study space AND the sacred study BREAKS! 

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Stoaching Packages

*Crazily affordable: Payments are all subscription-based and automatically debited from your account. 



Study Hall Sessions + Coaching 

This package consists of  12- 24 hours/week of collective working/studying and coaching monthly to finish your projects and have the motivation of a group. We will also have a Facebook Group that consists of daily motivations, celebrations as team members complete their projects and you will also be able to promote within the Facebook Group. 


LEVEL 2 - an email will be sent when Level 2 officially opens: 


Study Hall Sessions + Coaching + Monthly Think Tank Sessions

This package consists of monthly Think Tank Sessions, in addition to all Level 1 services. The Think Tank Sessions are creative thinking sessions where you have the invaluable opportunity to participate in group coaching. You will develop your ideas and then talk it over with a group. The group will be your sounding board, offering concepts and helping you analyze. The entire think  tank will be there to help you BRAINSTORM, EXPLORE AND CREATE. 

  *All participants under this  package will sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your idea. The Think Tank is limited to invited participants only. 

What the think tank IS vs. what the think tank is NOT: 

Is it a guarantee my idea will be heard every session? NO because it depends on the size of the group, which does have a  cap maximum for everyone’s idea to be heard at some point. However, we do believe you will benefit from hearing the  conversation with others and we all engage to jumpstart your own creativity and share resources.  Guidelines are provided at signup.  The Think Tank has very limited slots. Please email if interested.


Follow these steps:

1. Create your profile by selecting the Log In button at the top of this page. Sign up.

2. Once you've created your profile, select the link that says  "Virtual Study Hall Registration"

3. Once you've completed the registration, you will be redirected to a link for payment

Not quite ready to make the commitment?

Click here here to check out more Frequently Asked Questions!

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