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Extended Biography


Dominique Hardy

Transformational Speaker, Author and "Stoaching" Founder


In her developmental years, Dominique developed a speech impediment that threatened to inhibit her communicative abilities and limit her future possibilities. Instead of allowing the constraints of her disability to limit her, young Dominique channeled her energies into reading books. Reading kept her imagination alive and gave her a reason to continue living and dreaming about her  life’s possibilities.


Dominique developed a desire to write the words in the dictionary, and as she matured she realized that she had a fundamental admiration for words, writing and the beauty of the communications process. The intersection of Dominique’s love for words and communication are  now her “power place” and they’ve dovetailed to establish her passion for public speaking. Dominique’s logophilia also resulted in many reading, writing and communication-based projects - such as her partnership with a friend to design, plan and create a comfortable library safe space for resident youth within a local shelter. Complete with donated books and computers, the newly established literary space became the ultimate sacred room for vulnerable youth to study, read and write. That day marked Dominique’s life forever, because she was finally able to offer others something that had saved her own life - the hope and possibility of words.

Academia and Accolades

Fueled by a deep seated desire to expand, Dominique’s love for words matured into a love for communications. Her academic courses throughout her collegiate tenure consisted of communication classes, such as Cultural Communications, Non Verbal Communications, Family Communications, Gender Communications and even American Sign Language.  Dominique would edit her peers’ academic papers as a hobby, while also receiving accolades for winning speaking competitions at National Youth Conventions for her church and speaking competitions for her local Rotary Club. 

Dominique ultimately earned her Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Communications and then continued to obtain her Master's degree in Public Administration. Please click here to learn more about Dominique's resiliency and determination prior to earning her Master's Degree and the Life Coaching Certification that followed. Currently employed in the nonprofit field, Dominique works synonymously with her dream organization to facilitate conversations around the world that challenge narratives around race, facilitates racial healing and engages in global conversations poised to initiate racial healing. 

Her Mission

Dominique’s mission evolves daily. Her love for motivational and faith-inspired speaking, writing, and  poetry has turned her into a thought-leader and compelling speaker. These qualities have culminated into her life’s vision - having conversations that transform nations.

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