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The Motivator

The Motivator

With a strong portfolio of varied speaking engagements and coaching experience, Dominique could be the perfect speaker for your event or coach for your life. Read below to learn about the offered topics. 



1. Overcoming Obstacles 


2. Empowerment for Positive Mental Health


3.Empowering Women and Girls


4. Faith-Based


5. Motivational


6. Self-esteem and Self-Worth


7. Resilience and Living Your Dreams


8. Stirring Up Your Creative Genius To Write

9. Biblical Truths

10. Becoming An Effective Public Speaker

To inquire or request more information about speaking engagements or life-coaching, please click the button below! 

The Mental Health Champion

Due to her own lived experiences and mental health battles, Dominique champions positive mental health and wellness. She is transparent about changing her definition of what it means to “be well” and be “an overcomer.” She is committed to sharing that message with the world.

In this particular video, Dominique  was doing a series of 4-part interview faith-based series for The Winner’s Circle championing mental health wellness and hope  for minority communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

mental health champion
Spoken Word Poet

The Spoken Word Poet

Spoken word is a descriptive oral art that tells a story (or conveys a message). Spoken word is an oral music that conveys a message in poetic form. Dominique has countless poems on different subjects that are meaningful to her that she will share with those who subscribe to her website.  For now, enjoy her latest piece entitled "My Black Life".


 Click here to hear her oral poetry.

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