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Frequently Asked Stoaching Questions

I see that this is a study hall. However, I am not studying. I have a project to complete instead. Am I still welcome to participate?

ABSOLUTELY. We’ve designed our stoaching sessions with you in mind. Stoaching
sessions are uniquely created for those who are completing projects OR those who are

studying. Regardless of which is your focus, you are welcome to join us to see the
fulfillment of your goals!

What days and times of the week are stoaching sessions?

The Stoaching team is aware that each stoacher (that’s you 😊) has different career, business and school schedules so we have a creative way to ensure you still get your weekly study time in, no matter what session you attend within the same week. Therefore, we have TWO weekly options for you to join us in our stoaching sessions, “solid sessions” and “pop-up sessions”

I purchased a Level I stoaching membership but now I want to move it to a Level II membership. How do I do this?

It depends on many factors, including the time-frame left in the current subscription and whether or not the Level II stoaching  session is closed until the next membership period for that one opens again, as we seek to have a specific, constant group each  membership period for the Level II stoaching sessions. Please email to ask about the Level II  membership availability and to be notified for when the next Level II stoaching membership period reopens.  

Can you further explain Level II for Stoaching?

Level II contains everything level I does (stoaching sessions, private group), but has one special feature: Monthly, Level II stoachers will come together in a “Think Tank” fashion. Here, stoachers subscribed to Level II will come with their projects and questions and we will explore how to enhance our ideas that we share. It is also a phenomenal networking opportunity. The difference between the Think Tank and the Level I stoaching is that the Think Tank is a group discussion and exploration of ideas, whereas the Level I stoaching is mainly sacred silence as we work on our projects.

How does the Think Tank work?

Think Tanks are a collective opportunity in a safe place to share both resources and ideas to empower eachother in the fulfillment  of their ideas. Everyone is involved and each person also comes prepared to explore, think through project ideas and support  eachother. The power of the Think Tank is that you have differing views of helping you analyze your project or ideas from different  angles.

Can I study out loud during a stoaching session with my study partner? 

Yes! This unique opportunity does exist in our stoaching session, thanks for the platform that we use for our sessions. If you need to study out-loud with a friend, then the host of the session has the option to send you (and your study-mate) to a private virtual room during the session so that you can study out loud with your friend. In the meantime, everyone else will be in the main room and the sanctity of the silence can be maintained as they work on their projects.

I already attended a “solid” stoaching session. Can I still join in the pop-up sessions throughout the week?

Even if you already attended one that week you are welcome to join a pop up one anyway.

Can I get my money back if I cannot make the stoaching sessions?

Unfortunately, stoaching memberships are nonrefundable for the duration of the membership the person subscribed for, though  you can transfer your membership to someone as a gift. If you choose to do this, please email with  your name, the start date, end date and the name of the person you are transferring the gift to. It is that person’s responsibility to  show up for the stoaching sessions, and Dominique will let them in the private fb group when they request entry. 

I signed up for the stoaching sessions but I cannot make some of the sessions. Are the sessions recorded?

Recordings are not a guarantee in an effort to protect all of those involved on camera. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the  “pop-up” stoaching options that are available.

What if there are other questions I have about these stoaching sessions that are not answered?

Coach Dominique J. Hardy is happy to answer any additional questions about her unique stoaching sessions. 


Follow these steps:

1. Create your profile by selecting the Log In button at the top of this page. Sign up.

2. Once you've created your profile, select the link that says  "Virtual Study Hall Registration"

3. Once you've completed the registration, you will be redirected to a link for payment

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