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The "Seen By God" Initiative is based on Dominique's book entitled, "Overlooked"

Ever felt a longing or prompting  within to encourage someone in your daily passing (strangers & loved ones alike), but you didn't quite know what to say?


On behalf of, we are initiating a movement called "Seen By God." Seen By God is is an incredibly simple but creative idea that Dominique has to encourage people in our daily passing.


 In an era of social distancing and a pandemic of "aloneness and loneliness," this initiative is designed to "see" those who are often overlooked in our daily passing.


 Come "virtually" with your construction paper, markers and pens and Dominique will tell you more about this simply strategy and provide you resources to uplift another.  This meeting is designed to share how the idea came into formation, as well as . *More importantly, you will leave with the ability to implement this strategy immediately.*


 You will leave this meeting utterly inspired by how such a thoughtful and simple act could matter. This virtual session is FREE to join and will last 1.5 hours. 


We STRONGLY encourage you to bring friends to this virtual gathering. Come, and make someone's light a little brighter, their day a little easier. It may save lives. See you soon! 


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Subscribe to this website AND be notified when the next virtual training opens.

Seen By God Training
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